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Providing Accurate Electrical Estimates Nationwide Since 1999. Customized to Your Organization’s Needs.

Electrical Estimating Services

Our Electrical Estimating Service provides accurate and organized estimates for your organization. The estimating package you will receive includes feeder schedules, equipment connection sheets, branch work sheets, fixture schedules, quote sheets (to send to your suppliers), computer print out of pricing and labor sheets, recap sheets, computer audit and detailed summary sheets.

Electrical Design Build

Electrical Enlightenment offers this service to assist contractors in developing and implementing a customized project design. We can work from conception to the final estimation on the project.


Electrical Enlightenment provides electrical pre-construction design cost estimating services. These services are directed to the design team client to provide non-biased costing. Our cost consulting allows the design team to make informed decisions to maximize the return of their investment in construction.

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are &
What We Do

We offer the perfect blend of electrical construction expertise, including experience in contracting, estimating, consulting, and training.

  • 300 years of combined electrical construction experience
  • Standardized training
  • In-house estimators
We will provide our services for your company from our office in Olmsted Falls, Ohio using industry-leading software. Save money and time by outsourcing your electrical estimating to us today.

We Handle Any Size Project, Anywhere.

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How our estimating services work

Our Estimating Process

Our Estimating

Watch our short whiteboard video to learn more about our estimating process.

The estimating package you will receive has a full takeoff which includes an itemized bid proposal and scope letter to present to your general contractor. It also includes:

  • Power Feeders & Equipment
  • Motor Feeders & Equipment Connections
  • Systems Feeders & Devices
  • Branch Work Sheets
  • Quote Sheets to Send to Your Suppliers
  • Pricing & Labor Computer Print Out
  • Computer Audit
  • Adjusted, Material & Labor Recap Sheet
  • Estimate Summary & Preliminary Bid Price
  • Inclusions and Exclusions Sheet (Standard Service™)

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Our mission is to provide value to our clients through our expertise in the electrical industry. Areas of individualized consultation include, but are not limited to the following topics: How to start or grow an electrical contracting business. Capturing the competitive edge in your specific market area. Contract negotiating.

Project Prospecting

Electrical Enlightenment can complete project searches for your company anywhere in the United States. We currently offer free daily alerts via email customized to your location.

Company Financial Analysis

Electrical Enlightenment will determine a customized financial overhead and burden cost analysis for your electrical contracting company. Knowing your company’s exact ‘costs of doing business’ can be a critical determinant for winning a bid.

Why Choose Us?


When your new estimator is being oriented to your company, he or she may be tied up with training and not yet ready to take on the bidding process.


A project comes up that your company is capable of completing, but your estimating staff might not be confident or have the right experience for that type of work. Please ask us about our specialties in industrial and commercial construction.


We can take on a large and complex estimate that would tie up your estimator. This expands your estimator’s capabilities to complete additional projects and change order estimates for existing work.


Before you’re bound to a contract, we can provide a bid check estimate to reduce risk and make you feel confident in placing your bid.

Our Professional Guarantee

We guarantee that no copies of an electrical estimate will be furnished to any other contractor and that all business transactions are confidential.

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