Overcoming Estimating Bottlenecks with EBM & Enlightenment Companies

Watch Tim & Brent from Enlightenment Companies, featured as specialists in this webinar hosted by VisionSoft.
They explore the top bottlenecks that constrain growth in the electrical contracting industry.

This session aims to identify and eliminate eight common issues in electrical estimating that may be stifling your business’s growth. From pinpointing quicker bidding opportunities to mastering new types of jobs and refining change order management, our experts provide essential strategies to help you scale effectively.

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • Overcoming the experience gap in bidding for specific types of jobs.
  • Strategies for entering new job markets effectively.
  • Enhancing bid accuracy within limited time frames.
  • Navigating challenges in pricing and labor management.
  • Restructuring training and organizational setups for better results.
  • Building robust industry relationships for sustained success.

Watch now and empower your business with actionable insights from industry leaders.

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