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Our goal is to help you make the best decision possible with regards to maintaining and growing your business, and then to support that decision with an unmatched level of quality and service.

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How does your estimating service work?
1. We receive the project plans/specs
2. We count and prepare the package materials
3. Either you forward the packages to your suppliers OR we contact your suppliers on your behalf
4. We complete the take off and add your supplier numbers for a complete bid
5. We review the final estimate with you
How do you get the plans?
We can obtain the plans via email, dropbox, USPS, or on various plan sites.
Can I complete the estimate myself?
Of course. We can provide you with a material and labor breakdown, along with proposal information.
How often can I utilize your services?
We have the ability to be a complete estimating department for your company. Our goal is to support your estimating needs, whether it’s maintaining your current work levels or growing your business.
Do you provide the same estimate to other contractors?
Never. You are entrusting our staff with confidential information critical to your operation. The estimate we produce for you is for your eyes only. That is our professional guarantee.
How much time do you need to complete a bid?
Obviously the more time, the better--but before you turn away a bidding opportunity, call us first!
How do you know my material costs?
We work very closely with you and your suppliers to get accurate pricing.
How do you keep up to date with pricing & labor?
We use the latest version of EBM™ and EPIC™ from Vision InfoSoft Corporation and Accubid Pro 9. We also use internal cost measures for your local area of the country.
What if I don’t use software in-house?
Regardless if you utilize software or not, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate that you can manipulate if you choose in excel and word format. Our estimate will help you manage your project item by item and increase your productivity.
What if I use another estimating software program?
Not that all programs are alike, Vision EBM and Accubid estimates can be broken down to the individual part. The estimate can also be exported to excel or other spreadsheet programs for manipulation and management. We will even set up a special database for your company so our system take off emulates yours. Call us to discuss additional options and methods. There is no charge to set this up.
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