Electrical Cost Estimating Service

Whether you are new to the electrical contracting business or one of the largest electrical contractors in the industry, Electrical Enlightenment will deliver the highest quality, detailed, organized estimates, guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Electrical Enlightenment has estimated over three billion dollars of electrical projects since 1999. Our experience includes backgrounds in electrical contracting, outsourcing electrical estimates, consulting and training.

Electrical Enlightenment's Electrical Cost Estimating Service provides accurate, organized estimates. The estimating package you will receive includes feeder schedules, equipment connection sheets, branch work sheets, fixture schedules, quote sheets (to send to your suppliers), computer print out of pricing and labor sheets, recap sheets, computer audit and detailed summary sheets. The estimates you will receive are prepared using the Electrical Bid Managerā„¢ estimating software by Vision InfoSoft Corporation, Accubid Pro 10 by Trimble and IntelliBid Software by ConEst Software Systems.

With all of our estimating service options, the estimating package you receive will consist of:

Power Feeders & Equipment
Motor Feeders & Equipment Connections
Systems Feeders & Devices
Branch Work Sheets
Quote Sheets to Send to Your Suppliers
Pricing & Labor Computer Print Out
Computer Audit
Adjusted, Material & Labor Recap Sheet
Estimate Summary & Preliminary Bid Price
Inclusions and Exclusions Sheet (Standard Serviceā„¢)

Multiple cross checks are used for accuracy throughout the estimating procedure on all take-off work sheets. You can bid with confidence.

We guarantee no copies of an estimate will be furnished to any other contractor.

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