Electrical Estimating Services – Myth Busters

MYTH 1: The cost of outsourcing is too expensive compared to hiring an in-house estimator

The Facts:

    • The average total pay (salary + bonus) of a full time electrical estimator with experience is $55,000-$100,000. Then add the expenses for 401k & other benefits, training, software, supplies, PTO days, and payroll taxes which can add 25-30% on top of the salary.
    • Or you can choose to pay the outsource firm only for the estimating and no down time or added expenses.
    • By utilizing an outsourced estimating firm, you will have a full estimating staff with zero risk of employee turnover. This means you will not spend any time training or searching for new employees.

MYTH 2: You lose control of the estimate when the estimator is not in-house The Facts:

    • You can communicate with your assigned estimator throughout all steps of the estimating process on the phone, email, or using our collabortive project tool.
    • After completing the take-off, we work with you to customize your estimate according to your labor rates, profit & overhead, material quotes, etc.
    • Just as you would screen estimators that work for your company, we have carefully selected our estimating staff and provided them with standardized training. Your estimator is pre-qualified!\"busted\"

MYTH 3: It’s too risky to outsource because the 3rd party doesn’t know your business or market

The Facts:

    • Our firm provides an individualized estimate dialed into your market and your company. We ask A LOT of questions about your business and market.
    • Within the past 20 years, we have established and maintained many strong relationships in markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.

MYTH 4: Outsourcing contributes to joblessness/ 3rd party estimators are hurting the market The Facts:

    • While our estimating staff has the ability to act as a full estimating department, our goal is to support your needs and expand your capabilities.
    •  In fact, we have a track record in helping companies grow (creating jobs as a result of this growth).
    • We relieve in-house estimators, project managers, and owners from duties such as reviewing plans, doing take-offs, and requesting quotes so they can focus on business growth.

MYTH 5: Estimating Companies are only useful to sub-contractors The Facts:

    • Our services can be utilized for anyone designing, budgeting, and remodeling (just about any construction project).
    • Bid Checks can be used to evaluate subcontractors for scope and changes.
    • Planners budgeting for electrical, mechanical, or earth works construction can make easy decisions with real time costing information.
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